Does your church need a loan? We can help.

Consider: Are you a CBAC member church or organization with a project lending need?

We offer both large and small loans. While larger loans require a mortgage as security, smaller loans may be made on a promissory note loan basis. 

Who Can Apply . . . 

  • CBAC Churches
  • CBAC Agencies
  • CBAC Camps

Loans are good for



New Construction

Atlantic Baptist Foundation provides a lending service to member churches and agencies of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada.

Did We Mention There Are No Fees?

No application fees
No broker fees
No commitment fees
No annual review fees
No early payoff fees
No payout fees

What are the criteria? Applying for a loan with us is simple and straightforward!

  • As projects can vary, call or email, to share your vision and clarify applicable lending criteria.
  • Complete the Application
  • Email, Fax, Mail, Hand-Deliver the Application and necessary supporting documents.


We keep our interest rates that simple!

All of our savings products share the same fantastic rate that is updated semi‐annually. 4% Interest Rates on all of our Savings Products.