Save for Your Future While Growing the Church

As a non-profit organization founded by the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC), our mandate is to provide financial services only for members and adherents of the churches, agencies, and council of the CBAC, within the four Atlantic provinces.


A personal savings account is a great option for long-term savings:

  • Save for an emergency
  • Save for your education
  • Save for a new home
  • Save for your children’s futures
  • Save for family vacations
  • Save for a rainy day

Put money away but also withdraw your funds as needed with no lock-in period and no minimum balance required*!


An initial deposit of a minimum of $100 is required to start an account.


We keep the interest rates that simple!

All of our savings products share the same fantastic rate that is updated annually. 4% Interest Rates on all of our Savings Products.

NO FEE Account

Open a savings account with us, and you won’t need to pay any fees. No annual fees. No deposit fees. No withdrawal fees. Not one!

Watch your savings do double-duty! You save for the future while giving to the Lord’s work.

How are my savings secured?

In the case of an Atlantic Baptist Foundation Savings Program, all investments are guaranteed by the assets of Atlantic Baptist Foundation, not by the CDIC or any other governmental agency.

What is my money used for?

When you save your money with Atlantic Baptist Foundation, you are furthering the work of over 300 Baptist churches all throughout Atlantic Canada. You can help these ministries expand and grow to reach as many people as possible within your home province.

Are you looking to save for retirement? Our Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) program lets you grow your retirement funds, while continuing to give to Kingdom work within Atlantic Canada.

We’ve been helping Atlantic Canadian Baptists
save for their future for almost 60 years

Since 1961, Atlantic Baptist Foundation has operated with the mandate: “Provide financial services for members and adherents of the
churches, agencies, and council of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada”


Since then, and with the lord’s leading we have grown from a modest sum of approximately $25,000 to an asset holding of over $100,000,000!