Saving for Retirement Never Meant So Much

Designed specifically for the members and adherents of any churches of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC), within one of the four Atlantic provinces.

Benefits of an RRSP package include the following:

  • A tax shelter by having it registered
  • Guaranteed interest calculated semi‐annually and compounded
  • No erosion of principal deposits Plan guaranteed by mortgages on properties held by Atlantic Baptist Foundation
  • Accepted spousal contributions
  • Transferable locked in or non‐locked in RRSPs
  • No penalty when RRSPs are transferred out
  • Non‐locked in funds withdrawn at any time (subject to income tax regulations)
  • Generated monthly, quarterly, semi‐annual, and annual deposits

Build a lasting foundation for yourself and for the Church here in Atlantic Canada!

* All ABF registered products are administered by Concentra Bank.

We keep our interest rates that simple!

All of our savings products share the same fantastic rate that is updated semi‐annually. 2.2% Interest Rates on all of our Savings Products.

Convert to an RRIF when you need it A Registered Retirement Income Fund allows you to live off your savings with automatic deposits put into your daily checking account.

Atlantic Baptist Foundation allows you to convert your RRSP into a RRIF and keep everything as is.

Our RRIF package shares many of the same special features with our RRSP product. These include the following:

  • No erosion of principal deposits
  • Plan guaranteed by first mortgages on properties held by Atlantic Baptist Foundation
  • Spousal funds accepted
  • Existing locked in or non-­locked in RRSPs and RRIFs may be withdrawn at any time
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-­annual, and annual income payments can be paid
  • No annual fee
  • Available automatic banking arrangements

Everyday personal savings accounts We offer the same incredible rates for our easy-to-use and readily accessible accounts.

We’ve been helping Atlantic Canadian Baptists
save for their future for almost 60 years

Since 1961, Atlantic Baptist Foundation has operated with the mandate: “Provide financial services for members and adherents of the
churches, agencies, and council of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada”


Since then, and with the Lord’s leading we have grown from a modest sum of approximately $25,000 to an asset holding of over $100,000,000!