We offer a trust fund administration plan at no extra cost for you. We will maintain the fund, distribute the interest, and/or the trust fund as directed by you. You will receive the same interest rate as what we offer for our regular Savings Account plan. Trust funds keep earning interest based on leading interest rates.


  • As directed by you, gifts can be made to CBAC ministries to keep them expanding and thriving in our communities.
  • As directed by you, scholarship funds for our next generation of future church and community leaders can be set up.


*Only churches, agencies, and individuals of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada may establish a trust fund.

Put It Where It’s Needed

Do you want to ensure your gift goes where it’s needed most? At your direction, we can identify a ministry or organization that honours God with your money. If something happens to that organization so that your trust fund outlives it, you can build a set of criteria that will be used to find a replacement fund on your behalf.

We keep our interest rates that simple!

All of our savings products share the same fantastic rate that is updated semi‐annually. 2.2% Interest Rates on all of our Savings Products.